E-Oil Solutions specializes in purification and reclamation systems. The scope of our products and services covers a wide range, including transformer oil processors, transformer dry-out services, vacuum chambers and other specialty application systems. Our state-of-the-art purification systems help our customers save money and preserve resources. Our product line ensures efficient performance of your equipment and reduce waste disposal problems. Our policies of performance and protection cut maintenance costs, extend equipment life, keep equipment working at peak efficiency, prevent(reduce) down time and meet today's ecological requirements.

1. Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant

Transformer Oil Regeneration System has been specifically designed for on-site use to regenerate insulating mineral oil in energized or de-energized transformers, as well as on a tank to tank basis. The system provides a set of columns that contain Activated Media for the oil to pass through. With the use of these packed Activated Media Columns, the System is able to effectively remove contaminants such as acids and sludge from the oil as well as rectifying the color and restoring oxidation stability of the oil. The System restores transformer oil to virgin specifications.

1.1 Insulating Oil Purification Equipment

Stationary, portable and mobile High Vacuum Oil Purification Systems is used for transformer oil dehydration and transformer oil degasification as well as other electrical insulating liquids such as silicone fluids. Oil Purification Process is able to increase and maintain the oil's dielectric strength and includes the removal of free and soluble water, free and dissolved air and gases and particulate matter.

The System is designed for processing oils in workshops, in storage tanks or directly in transformers (energized or de-energized transformers).

2. Waste Oil Recovering Systems

The Systems provide all the necessary components to properly reclaim and purify oil by removing all types of contaminants which are formed or introduced into the oils, maintaining new oil specifications.

3. Purification of Hydraulic, Turbine, and Lubricating Oils

The Low-Vacuum Oil Purifiers for removal of water, gases and particulate from hydraulic oils, turbine oils and many other types of lubricating fluids. We have standard units from 300 LPH to 9000 LPH.

4. SF6 Purification and Recovery Systems

 SF6 Purification and Recovery Equipment. From 40 lb to 2000 lb capacity, stationary and mobile configurations available. Safety features are implemented to ensure reliable equipment operation. Manual and automatic system designs are available.

5. PCB dechlorination Systems

Environmental Oil Solutions supplies PCB dechlorination Systems for processing of PCB contaminated insulating oil. The PCB dechlorination Systems operate on the principle of chemical reaction between the PCB molecule and an alkali metal, an alkali metal oxide or a hydroxide. PCB dechlorination Systems are available in batch or continuous processing mode. Several layers of protection are implemented to ensure safe and reliable operation of the plant. Systems are designed for manual or automatic operation.

6. Fuller's Earth and Activated Alumina Filters

Fuller's Earth and Activated Alumina Filters are available for use with cartridges for small or larger applications. Systems can be used in conjunction with the Vacuum Oil Purifiers above or be outfitted with their own pump and heaters (if required).

7. Wax Purification Systems

Paraffin Wax Purification Systems improve the colour and the purity of refined wax. The systems are custom designed for each particular application considering the customer's specific needs and available heat sources.

8. Filter Housings

Filter Housings are available to suit many types of filter elements including particulate filters, filter/separators and bag filters. We can build you our standard design housings or we also build custom vessels to your specifications or drawings. We're also approved for field repair and alterations.

9. Thermal Oxidation Waste Gas Flares

Thermal Oxidation Waste Gas Flares Concealed Flame System provides 99.9% destruction of gasses which can be environmentally harmful and emit basically only carbon dioxide and water vapor. A barely discernible noise level with no smoke or visible flame is the end result achieved.